Privacy Policy

Xtreme Locator Software Privacy Policy

IQServices – Xtreme Locator maintains strict Subscriber information privacy policies and uses state of the art technologies to safeguard Subscriber information and communications from unauthorized intrusions.


Ownership of Data – When using the IQServices – Xtreme Locator hosted version, the data that you enter into your account resides on our servers but it remains your sole property. If, at any time, either IQServices – Xtreme Locator or The Subscriber decides to terminate the account, all account information with all Subscriber data and any backup data will be permanently deleted from our system.

Disclosure – IQServices – Xtreme Locator will not sell, trade, view, disclose to third parties or otherwise use any location information or user data (except as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process or in the case of imminent physical harm to the customer or others). When IQServices – Xtreme Locator uses other agents, contractors, suppliers or companies to perform services or supply products, IQServices will ensure that those agents, contractors, suppliers or companies protect your location identifiable information consistent with this Policy

Collection and Use – IQServices – Xtreme Locator will collect and use location information for billing purposes only. This means that IQServices – Xtreme Locator will only access portions of your data as required to compute your monthly charges, but we will not view your sensitive location data or disclose your location information to third parties who want to market products to you or your locations. On occasion, in the event of technical support issues, we may find it necessary to examine certain data files. If such an event occurs we will first notify you and obtain your approval to do so and will maintain the required confidentiality in all cases.