Multi Language Setup

Language Resources allows you to present certain fields in languages other than English. To enable Language Resources, check the Show Language Choice checkbox in Setup Options.  When enabled, a dropdown language list will be displayed on the Advanced Search page. Enter the alternate language equivalent for the following fields: Site Name – This can be […]

Location Administrators

As the System Administrator, you have full control and access to the system. You may also want to assign location administrators to various locations. For example, you might want to assign a regional manager to be responsible for all of the locations in his region or you might want to permit each location manager to […]

Creating Custom Google Map Icons

You can create your own Google Icon for your locator mapping.  The standard Google icon is approximately 20px wide by 34 pixels high in the .png format and should have a transparent background.  You can experiment with your icon size, shape and color as desired. Once you have created your icon, go to Setup Options […]

Territory Handling

Overview – With Xtreme Locator you can assign geographical territories to your locations. When territories are assigned, proximity searching is disabled since searching by a locations proximity would defeat the purpose of assigning a territory to a location. Territory Assignment – To assign territories to a location, go to Location Editor and enter the territories in the […]

Code Generator

The Code Generator will provide you with the Code necessary to install the Xtreme Locator on your Web Site.  We offer multiple methods for utilizing Xtreme Locator from simple HTML code to more advanced .PHP and .NET implementation. Standard Search Form The Simple Search Form selection generates a basic form that will open search results […]

Setup Options

Use the Setup Options to set the variables for you system and to control the look and feel of your Xtreme Locator Search and Search Results pages. Fields in the Setup Options are explained in detail below. Broadcast Reply Email – This will be the Email From address that accompanies any Broadcast Email Messages sent to […]