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Coordinate Tuning

Xtreme Locator provides a way to exactly pinpoint your dealer’s location using the coordinate tuning feature.  To use this feature, go to Location Manager and click the icon next to the dealer you want to tune. For details, visit our video tutorial page and view the coordinate tuning video.

Location Events

Location Events is a great feature that allows you to tell your customers about special events that are occurring at your locations. To setup Location Events, go to Location Editor and click the icon next to a location to go to the Event Listing page. To add an event: Click the Add Event link at […]

Location Editor

This module is provided to create and/or edit location data. Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*). You can add and remove fields from displaying in the location editor using our Field Layouts module. The default location data fields are explained in detail below. In addition to normal fields about the location address, there […]

Location Listing

Admin Menu >> Location Listing The location listing is a table of all of the dealer records. You can add/remove fields that are displayed in the location listing table using the “Field Layouts” feature. In addition to normal fields about the location address, there are helpful fields such as: Active – Checked box will indicate […]

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