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Location Events

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Location Events is a great feature that allows you to tell your customers about special events that are occurring at your locations.

To setup Location Events, go to Location Editor and click the icon next to a location to go to the Event Listing page.

To add an event:

Click the Add Event link at the top left.

  • Enter a Start Date.
  • Enter an End Date. (Listing will cease to appear after this date)
  • Enter a Start Time and End Time
  • Enter a Subject for the event. This will display at the bottom of the Location Detail page and link to the Event Details page.
  • Enter a Description for the event. HTML can be used in this field to add images, highlighted text, etc.

Once you have setup your events, the will be displayed next to the Location Name on the search results page and current and future events will be displayed on a table below the location information. The user can click on any event subject in this table to view the location detail page.