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Multi Language Setup

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Language Resources allows you to present certain fields in languages other than English.

To enable Language Resources, check the Show Language Choice checkbox in Setup Options.  When enabled, a dropdown language list will be displayed on the Advanced Search page.

Enter the alternate language equivalent for the following fields:

Site Name – This can be the name of your company and service and/or descriptive language of your locator . HTML is permitted to be use within this field for formatting purposes. The text you enter in this field will display at the top of all search results pages below the Site Image. This field may be left empty if you do not wish for any text to display below the Site Image.

Not Found Message – Enter a custom message to display on the search results page in the event that no location is found for the area searched for. HTML is allowed in this field.

Specialty Name – Determines the field label for the category/specialty section of the search results page and the location detail page. The default value is Specialty but can be any name you like (Products, Services, Features, etc.)

Search Disclaimer Message – The Search Disclaimer Message, if enabled, displays a message that must be read and agreed to prior to displaying search results.

Results Page Header – This text displays below the top separator bar. You may use HTML coding to format the text display.

Results Page Footer – This text displays in the footer of the search results pages.