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Specialty Manager

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Specialties may created to define the types of products and/or services that a Location provides. For example, if you are a manufacturer of multiple product lines, you may have certain distributors who carry only certain lines of your products and you may have Service Centers that do not carry any products. Once you establish your Specialties, users who visit your Website and wish to find the nearest physical location to find your products may narrow the search to the specific product or service that they are seeking.

You may also define territories by Specialty. See the Location Editor documentation to learn how to assign specialty territories.

Creating Specialties:

To Create Specialties, click the Add Specialty link.

Editing/Deleting Specialties:

To edit an existing specialty, click the edit icon.
To delete an existing specialty, click the delete icon.
Changing the Order of Specialties:

Specialties will appear on the advanced search pages in the order they appear on the listing. To change the position:

Click the up arrow next to the specialty to move it up on the list.
Click the down arrow next to the specialty to move it down on the list.