Xtreme Locator is a highly customizable application that offers various special features and enhancements that cater to specific client requirements. The team is always prepared to work with clients to customize the application to provide the exact type of application they are looking for. The team can provide custom features for subscription account clients as well as software purchase clients. On our website, clients can find case studies of special projects the team has worked on for some of their clients. These case studies offer examples of custom solutions that were implemented to meet specific client needs. Contact us to receive a proposal on a custom solution.

Web Locator

The introduction of reader’s circles and the provision of a directory is aimed at bringing together a new, more inclusive community based on a shared interest in books and conversation. The organization required additional data fields for their book clubs and reader’s circles. To address this need, the Xtreme Locator team provided a custom solution that linked their application to the Reader’s Circle database. This solution enabled the organization to display additional data on their website. The databases are automatically synced on a regular basis, ensuring that the information is up-to-date. This solution streamlines the process and improves the user experience for members of the reader’s circle community.

IVR Locator

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