Xtreme Locator is a highly customizable application and can provide you with many special features and enhancements for your company’s specific needs. For clients with custom requirements we are ready, willing and able to work with you to customize Xtreme Locator to provide the exact type of application you are looking for. With Xtreme Locator, we can provide custom features for our subscription account clients as well as for our software purchase clients.

On this page, you will find some case studies of special projects we have worked on for some of our clients. Please take a look at some of these examples and contact us if you would like to receive a proposal on a custom solution.

Web Locator


A reader’s circle is a kind of social gathering. It may be academic (organized around a subject), civic (serving as a public forum), or social (organized around an age range). The organization’s purpose in introducing reader’s circles and providing the directory is to help bring together a new, more inclusive community, one based on a shared interest in books and conversation. Since this client needed additional data fields for their book clubs and reader’s circles, we provided a custom solution to link Xtreme Locator to the Reader’s Circle database, thus allowing them to provide the additional data display on their Website. The databases are, then, automatically synced on a regular basis.

IVR Locator


Pentair is an Australian global diversified operating company serving the commercial, industrial, municipal and residential markets through innovative solutions under strong brand names.

The Challenge

Our web locator client needed to better handle the hundreds of monthly phone calls from customers seeking their product dealers. The task of their operators taking the calls from customers, then performing a search on their web locator and reading the dealer details to the customer was consuming too much time and preventing their operators from performing their assigned tasks.

The Solution

The Xtreme Locator team developed the VXML script to connect customer calls directly to their Xtreme Web Locator allowing customers to select product and service types to find the closest dealer or service agent. Our IVR system uses the high quality Text-To-Speech engine — in Australian English — to deliver the dealer location details with no human intervention.