Here are some notes we have received from satisfied clients.

If I could say one word to describe my experience with Xtreme Locator, it would be IMPRESSED! Here I thought we were going to be a complicated client with our unique scenarios and territory handling, but they treated it like if it was every day business! They customized our locator system to be fully compatible with the export data of locations from our third party intranet system so I didn’t have to do any extra work. Their support team had been great to work with. Within 24 hours I would have a response and a solution to every issue that arose. Thanks Xtreme Locator for your quality product and service!

CJ Wood
Decorating Den

Xtreme Locator has the most outstanding support I’ve experienced. They also have excellent instructions in the knowledge base to implement the locator yourself. It took me 15 minutes and I have no web experience at all. Saved me thousands $$$. Thanks!

Stephen, CEO
Weehoo Inc.

We are very pleased with the XtremeLocator software. We use the software for people to find one of our 20+ products and host the locator ourselves. I have a programming background, and I can say the staff at IQ Services is very knowledgable. Initially, they helped me create the search code to meet our specific needs. Any requests I have are usually met within a day or two. We have also been using the Joomla component since 2007, and I am very excited with the improvements they have made. I recommend anyone who purchases the product also continue to purchase the extended support. Their support is a great value and exceeds a typical support contract.

Rebecca Casey


Will, you are a gem and a pleasure to work with. I greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you. Great people like you don’t get recognized enough.

Danielle W