IQservices.com has been providing hosted service for Xtreme Locator for nearly 20 years!. The hosted solution provides unmatched reliability, scalability and performance. Our advanced monitoring system keeps us on top of any minor glitches that may occur and our tech support staff responds immediately if network or backbone problems happen. Xtreme Locator provides comprehensive security, multiple redundancy and application monitoring. This combination ensures nearly 100% application uptime, significantly minimizes the risk of damage to or loss of intellectual property data and mitigates the effects of catastrophic events as detailed below.

  • Dedicated server in top-level data center with 24×7 NOC, UPS, generators and high-level security
  • SSL Encryption for backend administration
  • One cold-standby server in North American data center
  • One cold-standby server in European data center
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • System backups taken twice a day and stored for 4 weeks
  • System off-site backups, stored indefinitely
  • Multiple links from the data center to various upstream networks to prevent single point failure
  • 24×7 monitoring with multiple alerts via Email and SMS to technical team