Xtreme IVR Telephone Locator

Make sure your customers calling to find your stores get their information quickly and accurately. A phone-based store locator is the quickest way for customers to access directions to your nearest locations. Your customers are guaranteed an immediate, accurate response.

IVR Features

  • Real Speak TTS audio (Text-To-Speech)
  • Multiple languages
  • Human voice audio files support for messaging
  • Patch-thru callers directly to your dealer
  • Get dealer contact info sent via SMS text message

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How it works

Simply program a menu prompt within your telephone system to forward calls requesting your dealer locations to your Xtreme IVR phone number and let Xtreme Locator handle it from there. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a toll-free number for you to include in your advertising at no extra charge.

Why do you need an IVR Locator?

Directions to your nearest location can be one of the most frequent but tedious requests received by your customer support representatives. Automating these requests will allow you to reduce live agent or employee costs without compromising the quality of your customer service.

With the addition of our Xtreme IVR solution, built with our own IVR Software, callers can search for your closest locations right from their phone. Callers can either use keypad prompts or speak the prompts to get the information they need and can simply speak the word “Call” to patch through directly to speak with your dealer. Eliminate expensive call center personnel, dropped calls or inaccurate information with Xtreme IVR.

When a customer gets a busy signal, is put on hold, or can’t find the store locator on your web site, your company is losing the best type of customer: one that wants to buy your products right now. Your Xtreme IVR Telephone Locator is available 24×7 to send your customer to your store and can handle virtually an unlimited number of concurrent calls.

Xtreme IVR is perfect for:

  • Retailers – Simply include your Locator phone number in your ads and customers can find your nearest store right from their telephone.
  • Utility Companies – Publish your Locator phone number on your invoices so customers can easily find the nearest payment center.
  • Manufacturers – Provide your customers with a phone number to find your nearest distributors.
  • Any Company or Organization that wants to help their customers find them.

Our IVR Telephone Locator is available as a stand-alone service or as an added service to your Web Locator.

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