This is a hosted service on the Web Servers and requires no hardware, software or technical expertise. All administrative functions are handled from your Web Browser and implementing Xtreme Locator on your Web Site involves adding a simple HTML code to your Site. Designed for most users, our hosted service offers these advantages:

  • Immediate Deployment – Xtreme Locator can be up and running on your site in minutes, not days or months. This translates into immediate cost reductions and tangible revenue increases. More importantly, it means your customers will not have to wait another day to get the service they deserve.
  • Lower Maintenance – Xtreme Locator hosting plan is a subscription service using the latest hardware and backup redundancy schemes. We take care of upgrades, security and availability of this service, allowing you to focus on your business. The system has an intuitive, user-friendly interface with detailed online help, which results in reduced training time and costs. Please check our Reliability Report.
  • Multi-Channel Support – has developed all of its own technology in-house, eliminating the “patchwork” created by retrofitting disparate technologies.


These packages are available for companies or ISPs that want to run the application on their own servers. This option is licensed per Website. For multiple locator accounts, the license allows accounts to be created and managed from one central database and one central server administrator web interface.

Required Applications:
  • PHP v5.5.x or newer with zip & gd modules. CURL Module optional.
  • PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR). Details and Instructions
  • MySQL v5.5 or newer database
Operating Systems with an Apache or IIS Web Servers:
  • Windows NT/2000/2003/2012 R2 (Intel) running IIS or Apache
  • Linux (Intel libc6 systems)
  • Linux (Sparc)
  • Linux (Alpha)
  • Sun Solaris (Sparc)
  • FreeBSD ELF (Intel)
  • Mac OSX
Capacity Requirements:
  • PHP Code – 3MB
  • Database – 50MB up to 100MB+ depending upon number of locations
  • Log Files – 10MB+/-

If your environment is not listed or you are missing some requirements, please contact us to see if we can operate on your system.